DEA Requests FDA Study of Medical Marijuana

by Salvatore P. Ciulla on July 19, 2014 · 0 comments

in Medical Marijuana

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marijuana attorney Santa Ana CaliforniaThe U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has requested that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration conduct a study to determine if marijuana should stay on the Schedule 1 narcotics list.

Currently, marijuana is listed along with drugs like heroin, morphine, ecstasy, LSD and others as narcotic drugs with a high potential for abuse and no known medical applications. This list was created in 1970, when marijuana was still being studied for potential medical applications. Since then, it has shown to help with conditions such as cancer, depression, HIV, migraine, and many others. California’s SB 420 lists hundreds of conditions that qualify individuals as patients eligible for medical marijuana under the supervision of their doctor.

Three conditions must exist for a drug to be classified as schedule 1 drug: no known medical application, high potential for abuse, and proven record as a dangerous substance. Marijuana has already been proven to have many acceptable medical uses, which is why 22 states have already legalized it. Other studies have shown that marijuana is about as addictive as caffeine—both have about a 9 percent dependence rate, compared to 32 percent for tobacco and 15 percent for alcohol. There have been not recorded deaths from marijuana abuse. It is estimated that an individual would have to consume about 1,500 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes to reach a fatal dose.

Reclassification of marijuana would result in dispensaries being able to utilize banks and work with credit card companies, seek outside investors, hire armored trucks and other freedoms associated with selling legal products.

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