Dispensary Owner Tortured and Disfigured

by Salvatore P. Ciulla on February 9, 2015 · 0 comments

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Four people have been arrested in the 2012 case of the kidnapping, torture and disfigurement of California medical marijuana dispensary owner.

Police say the dispensary owner had taken a few suppliers to Vegas last year on an expensive trip. After the trip, one of the suppliers, Kyle Handley, came up with a plan to kidnap the victim and rob him. He and three friends shadowed the victim on several trips to Palm Beach. The suspects believed the victim was making the trips to the desert to bury large amounts of cash, but he was actually trying to close a business deal.

In October 2012, the four suspects went to the victim’s home, kidnapped him and his girlfriend, and drove them out to the desert. The suspects allegedly burned the victim with a blowtorch on the way to find the money they believe he buried in the desert. When the victim failed to disclose the location of the money, the suspects cut off his penis, drenched the man and his girlfriend in bleach, and dumped them on the side of the road. They reportedly kept the amputated member for the purpose of making it impossible to reattach. After being released, the man’s girlfriend ran down the road a mile, still bound with zip ties, to flag down a police car. Both individuals survived their injuries.

Kyle Handley was arrested after a suspicious neighbor reported a car parked outside the victim’s home. Evidence in Handley’s home linked him and Hossein Nayeri to the crime. Nayeri was arrested last week in Prague while changing planes from Iran to Spain. Ryan and Naomi Kevorkian were the last to be arrested in the case. All four have been charged with kidnapping, torture and burglary.

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