MMJ Growing Guidelines in California

by Salvatore P. Ciulla on July 25, 2014 · 0 comments

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santa ana marijuana defense attorneyIn California, there is lots of misinformation regarding growing guidelines for medical marijuana dispensaries. That’s because Senate Bill 420, which was passed in 2004, established no limit on the amount of marijuana a patient can possess and imposes no limits on grower-caregivers or dispensaries.


However, Prop 215 sets a suggestion of 8 ounces of dried buds, 6 adult plants or 12 immature plants per patient. Even though a May 2008 California Court of Appeals decision ruled that setting limits on medical marijuana amounts limits patients rights, law enforcement regularly arrests those who exceed these limits.


Many local jurisdictions in California have set their own laws and limits on marijuana growing activities. These zoning limits are particular to each city, and may rule entire areas out of bounds for growers. To find out the regulations for your city or town, Google your town’s name and “code” with the words “marijuana” or “cannabis.” For example, if you live in Anaheim, Google “Anaheim code marijuana.”


You can also visit SafeAccessNow.org to look up regulations in California by city. However, only use this information as a starting point since laws and local ordinances are still changing quickly. Confirm any information you find with local law enforcement before beginning growing activities.


California NORML also recommends using security measures for any outdoor garden, including building a secure greenhouse and keeping marijuana gardens out of sight.


Keep in mind that you do not need a cultivation license or any other kind of documentation to grow marijuana for your own personal, medical use. All you need is a recommendation from a physician stating that you would benefit from the use of medical marijuana.


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