Parents Face Long Waits to Get Medical Marijuana for Children

by Salvatore P. Ciulla on November 14, 2014 · 0 comments

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Connor Dalby and Robby Benavides are two little boys with three things in common: they both suffered from 50 to 75 seizures daily, they are both under two years old, and cannabis oil is the only medical treatment, mainstream or otherwise, that has any effect on them. Today, they are both seizure-free.


Many parents with children who suffer with everything from epilepsy to cancer face a hard reality when it comes to finding medical marijuana for children who need it. That’s because dispensaries are limited as far as how much marijuana they can produce and how many patients they can take on. That’s a problem for pediatric patients, because the strains of medical marijuana that helps these children are ones like Charlotte’s Web, which has high levels of the cannabinoid CBD and almost no THC. Since THC is what causes the high associated with marijuana, very few dispensaries carry strains that don’t have it.


Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in the brain as well as in marijuana plants. Marijuana plants with different levels and mixtures of these compounds treat various illnesses more efficiently. For those with seizures, it’s the CBD they need. Strains with high CBD and no THC are not popular among growers.


Right now, only the nonprofit group Realm of Caring is making the CBD-heavy strain that pediatric patents need, and they are limited to 27 patients. There are 1,000 more on their waiting list. As long as marijuana remains a schedule 1 controlled substance, growing more than 99 plants could invite police attention, shut down Realm of Caring and earn a five-year mandatory prison sentence for each individual involved.


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