When The Punishment Doesn’t Fit The Crime

by Salvatore P. Ciulla on March 2, 2014 · 0 comments

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Anyone with the slightest grasp of current events knows how brutal the punishments for criminal offenses can be in California.

Whether the charge you face is drunk driving or theft, assault, a sex crime or drug crime, a criminal conviction can remove you from society — and separate you from loved ones — for years, for decades, perhaps for the rest of your life.

Imprisonment is typically accompanied by the threat of heavy fines that drain a family’s finances, a criminal record as a felon (the first of your “three strikes”) and strict probation or parole terms years after your release.

If you’re at all confused by the choice of surrendering to that bleak future or standing and fighting for your rights, take a moment to dwell on the devastating collateral damage to your lifestyle: no more TV sports on the plasma screen, no more smart phone, no dinners out, no holiday gatherings, no legal vices such as alcohol and smoking. All you would have left is the regimentation of confinement and the rough justice carried out in your cell block.

Fortunately, there could be a way around this hell on earth, if you retain experienced criminal defense representation who knows how to investigate your charges, negotiate with prosecutors and forcefully litigate against them in California courts.

The paragraph above describes defense attorney Sal Ciulla — a knowledgeable, client-focused, dedicated advocate who works hard to return your life to normal. He has aggressively, successfully protected the rights of his California clients accused of felony violent crimes, drunk driving and serious drug offenses for more than 25 years.

You can trust your interests, freedoms and future to a lawyer whose motto is “Just win.” Make the best of what may be your only chance to avoid the harsh consequences of serious criminal charges. Contact the Law Office of Salvatore P. Ciulla. Call 714-542-0500.today or send an email to arrange a free consultation.

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