Seal Beach Police Arrest 10 in Liquor Store Thefts

by Salvatore P. Ciulla on April 24, 2014 · 0 comments

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Orange County criminal attorneySeal Beach Police made a major recovery in a strong of liquor store thefts.

Last week, police recovered more than $50,000 worth of alcohol in a SWAT raid of 10 homes in Los Angeles County. The raid confiscated about 1,350 bottles of unopened alcohol that police say gang members were stealing from local grocery stores and restaurants.

Investigators say members of the Insane Crip gang would go through grocery stores stealing up to $5,000 in alcohol in as little as eight minutes. The gang members worked in groups of one to three people, used emergency exits and were in and out so quickly that often, store employees didn’t even know they’d been robbed.

The Seal Beach Police Chief says the gang was reselling the alcohol for a profit. Ten suspects were arrested in the raid, with police still searching for two additional suspects.

If convicted, any of the suspects could face sentencing enhancements based on involvement gang activity. In California, proven involvement with gangs or gang activity means mandatory sentencing under the California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act, also known as the STEP Act.

The STEP Act includes Penal Code 186.22(a) PC, which makes it a crime to be in a gang and engage in felony conduct, with a penalty of one year in county jail up to three years in state prison. Penal Code 186.22(b) PC provides a mandatory minimum sentencing for felonies committed for the benefit of a gang. It includes 2 years to life in prison in addition to time received for the crime committed.

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