Teen Accused of Stealing 1.5 Million Gallons of Water

by Salvatore P. Ciulla on February 16, 2015 · 0 comments

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A California man is facing over $15,000 in fines after siphoning water from his subdivision’s reserve tank for an illegal marijuana garden.


The 19-year-old was growing around 100 plants outdoors near Yosemite Lakes Park, a golf course community in Madera County. He ran more than 1,000 feet of hose from the community’s water system to his 40,000 square foot marijuana garden.


Outdoor growing is legal in Madera County, however, plants must be enclosed and the garden must not exceed 8 by 10 feet. Each plant grown outdoors illegally could bring a $250 fine. If charged, the teen could face up to  $43,000 in fines for the plants, which were destroyed.


Some areas in California have outlawed all outdoor growing activities. In those counties that have not, plants must be secured, and the space they occupy is limited. Medical marijuana patients are limited to 12 immature plants, 6 mature plants, or 8 ounces of dried marijuana per person by California’s Proposition 215. Collectives are allowed that amount per patient that the collective serves, up to 99 plants. Stiff federal penalties for growing more than 99 plants have lead to advocacy groups and even state law recommending that collectives serve a small enough number of patients that they can stay under that number.


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