Teen Accused of Stealing 1.5 Million Gallons of Water

February 16, 2015

  A California man is facing over $15,000 in fines after siphoning water from his subdivision’s reserve tank for an illegal marijuana garden.   The 19-year-old was growing around 100 plants outdoors near Yosemite Lakes Park, a golf course community in Madera County. He ran more than 1,000 feet of hose from the community’s water […]

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The Road to Legalization in 2016

February 15, 2015

Politicians and voters in California already have their eyes on 2016—not for the Presidential race, but for the bid to get marijuana legalized for recreational use in California. Although California does not specifically have any marijuana reform legislation coming up—Assembly Bill 2312 that would have taxed and regulated marijuana statewide died at the end of […]

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Patients Report that Medical Marijuana Works

February 14, 2015

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that 92 percent of medical marijuana patients report that alleviated symptoms of a serious medical condition, such as chronic pain, cancer, migraine and arthritis. The health survey out of California polled nearly 8,000 medical marijuana patients, five percent of which were using medical marijuana […]

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Legalization Doesn’t Mean Higher Traffic Fatalities

February 13, 2015

A new study indicates that the number of fatal accidents on the road is not affected by whether or not marijuana is legal. The study evaluated fatal accidents from 1992 through 2009. During that time period, 12 states legalized marijuana use. During the time period studied, researches say that accidents increased more rapidly in just […]

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Medical Marijuana Patient Sues After Children Taken by HHS

February 12, 2015

A medical marijuana patient in Coronado is suing the City of Coronado, San Diego County and nine police officers after their children were taken away for a year when officers discovered marijuana use in the home.   Michael and Lauren Lewis say it started in August 2011, when police officers visited the home following a […]

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Illegal Marijuana Grows Attracting International Investors

February 11, 2015

Marijuana grows in Northern California are attracting investors from all over the globe—but not in a good way. Detectives say that the mountains of Humboldt County have always been a hotspot for growers, but now that marijuana is legal and surpasses any other plant as California’s number one cash crop, illegal growers are everywhere.   […]

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Medi-Cone Creator Teaches Growers How to Conserve Water

February 10, 2015

A former movie-rental mogul is teaching the next generation of marijuana manicurists how to grow more with less. George Bianchini is the founder and CEO of the Medi-Cone marijuana collective, purveyor of a distinctive marijuana cigarette that holds about a gram of marijuana. But Bianchini is shifting focus from the sales end of things to […]

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Dispensary Owner Tortured and Disfigured

February 9, 2015

Four people have been arrested in the 2012 case of the kidnapping, torture and disfigurement of California medical marijuana dispensary owner. Police say the dispensary owner had taken a few suppliers to Vegas last year on an expensive trip. After the trip, one of the suppliers, Kyle Handley, came up with a plan to kidnap […]

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California Moving Toward Legalizing Marijuana for Recreational Use

February 8, 2015

This week, a marijuana advocacy group began fundraising efforts towards a 2016 campaign to make recreational marijuana use legal in California.   The Marijuana Policy Project hopes to get the initiative on the 2016 ballot. Their goal is to pass something similar to recreational use laws in Washington State and Colorado. Those states have legalized […]

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Court to Decide on Employment Protections for Marijuana Users

February 7, 2015

A quadriplegic medical marijuana user is waiting to hear from the Colorado Supreme Court if his employer is legally allowed to fire him for using medical marijuana in his personal time.   Brandon Coats used to work for Dish Network, a company with a zero-tolerance drug policy. But Coats, who is a quadriplegic, has been […]

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