Recent Wins

Recent Wins

Aggravated Assault

People v. William S. Defendant rams the back end of another vehicle at speed of about 60 miles per hour on freeway. He later confesses to police that he wanted to kill the passengers in the victim vehicle. Defendant arrested and charged with attempted murder and felony assault (his car being the deadly weapon). Investigation revealed defendant suffering from mood swings due to harmful combination of medications. Defendant admitted misdemeanor hit and run violation. Attempted murder and felony assault charges dismissed.

People v. Henry P. Defendant, as a joke, points a firearm at a female co-worker at their workplace, and utters threatening words. The incident gets reported to supervisors at work and then to police. Defendant arrested and charged with felony assault. Felony assault dismissed.


People v. Cameron W. Defendant was an employee of a pharmacy. He was caught on tape stealing medications from the business on several occasions. Defendant admitted to police that he entered the business on several occasions with the intent to steal. He was arrested and charged with felony 2nd degree burglary. Case reduced to misdemeanor and no jail time. Felony burglary dismissed.
People v. Angel H. Defendant enters DMV and fills out application for new driver’s license using different name than previously used. Form signed under penalty of perjury that name is correct. Defendant charged with felony perjury and felony 2nd degree burglary (entering commercial building to commit felony perjury). Defendant admits misdemeanor charge of trespassing and no jail time. Perjury and burglary charges dismissed.

Child Abuse

People v. Deborah M. Defendant, an elementary school principal, and her husband, a sheriff with Los Angeles County, were arrested and charged with felony conspiracy to commit child abuse and misdemeanor child abuse. The allegations included punishing their 13 year old son by making him sleep outside on the dog blanket, pouring cold water on him to wake him in the morning, moving piles of bricks from one side of the yard to the other and back again, not being able to eat meals in the house with other family members, and putting dog feces in his school backpack when he failed to pick up after the dog. After jury trial defendant was found not guilty of the felony charge and the misdemeanor charge was dismissed.

DMV Hearings

People v. Timothy H. Freeway accident where defendant’s vehicle flipped upside down. Five passengers in vehicle. All pulled out by a good Samaritan. Police arrive on scene. Defendant admitted to driving and drinking. Arrested for DUI. DMV hearing resulted in license suspension. Trial verdict in court resulted in a not guilty verdict. DMV decision appealed. License suspension reversed and driving privilege restored.
People vs. Jasmine P. Defendant arrested for DUI and chose a breath test. DMV hearing testimony from the arresting officer revealed Title 17 administrative procedures were not followed. Breath test results ruled inadmissible. No suspension.

Domestic Violence

People v. Kevin H. Attorney charged with felony domestic violence, reckless discharge of a firearm, and child endangerment. In addition to facing a stiff jail sentence and being restrained from seeing his wife and kids, defendant was also in jeopardy of losing his state bar license and his ability to practice law. Plea negotiations with the prosecutor and the court resulted in all felony charges being dismissed. A plea was entered to misdemeanor possession of a firearm. No jail. No restraining order. No state bar repercussions.

Drug Crimes

People v. Cheryl B. Defendant’s vehicle stopped by police at 3:00 a.m. for minor traffic violation. Police order defendant out of vehicle and search her and her car. Drugs found in her purse. Court finds that the police were on a “fishing expedition,” had no probable cause to initiate the search, and that the search took too long. Drug evidence thrown out and case dismissed.
People v. Lisa Y. Defendant was observed leaving a “stash house”. She was arrested with a large amount of narcotics in her purse, including cocaine and heroin. While out on bail, defendant was arrested again, this time for selling methamphetamine to an undercover officer. She was facing 7 years in state prison. Case resolved for 12 months in the Teen Challenge rehabilitation program. No jail.
People v. Nathan B. Police search of vehicle reveals large quantity of prescription drugs. Defendant admits to possession. Defendant charged with possession for sales. Prior to motion to suppress based on illegal search, case dismissed.
People v. Michelle B. Physician’s assistant charged with fraudulently using patients’ credit cards to purchase prescription medication to support her own habit. Defendant faced jail and loss of her license to practice. Case resolved for drug counseling. No jail time. No loss of license to practice.

DUI & Driving Offenses

People v. Timothy H. Freeway accident where defendant’s vehicle flipped upside down. Five passengers in vehicle. All pulled out by good Samaritan. Police arrive on scene. Defendant admitted to driving and drinking. Arrested for DUI. Trial verdict: Not guilty.
People v. Sylvia S. Defendant drives a block from bar and realizes she’s had too much to drink. She pulls over and has friend get behind the wheel. Officer sees this and arrests defendant for DUI. Blood alcohol level .16. After presenting the “wouldn’t you want your daughter to do the same thing?” defense, case dismissed.
People v. Meaghan G. Officer sees defendant driving away from the scene of a fight. Vehicle has broken tail light. Officer stops defendant, who is under 21 years of age. Blood alcohol level .08. Prosecutor files under 21 years of age DUI infraction and defendant allowed to attend a drug and alcohol awareness program. Case dismissed.

Hit & Run

People v. Bruce B. Traffic accident resulting in damage to another vehicle. Defendant failed to stop and comply with notification requirements due to fear. Victim driver followed defendant and provided information to police. Defendant arrested at his home. Case dismissed.


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