Thank you Mr. Ciulla! Mr. Ciulla helped my family big time. He was amazing to work with and was able to get us the results we wanted and deserved! I absolutely recommend working with him and his team. Thank you Mr. Ciulla!
Excellent Lawyer Mr.Ciulla represent my father in a very difficult and extremely public case. My father was indicted with 12 federal charges against him. We felt like our world had fallen a part, luckily a very special person referred us to Mr.Ronald Brower. The moment we walked into their office they comforted us in this serous matter. Since day one Mr.Ciulla and the paralegal ,Mrs.Pulliam (a very sweet lady that was available to us 24/7 and that spoke Spanish which was a plus) worked hard in this case always calling us to give us updates on everything. Long story short, my father was only charged with 2 of those offenses even after the sentencing they still kept in contact with us helping us and guiding us event though the case had already been closed. I just want to thank Mr.Cuilla for representing my father he was in good hands. I have nothing to say but positive things for this law firm.
Saved my son, a Freshman in his first month attending a University, from a felony conviction! During his first month away at college, my freshman son was arrested in his dorm room for felony possession of a controlled substance. I live 400 miles away and was at a loss to know what the next steps should be. Through a local attorney who had a colleague in Southern California, Mr. Sal Ciulla came highly recommended. Feeling as if I was in the middle of a nightmare, I contacted Mr. Ciulla and he returned my call almost immediately, listened carefully, was understanding, informed, empathic, thoughtful, and let me know he had some good ideas on who to handle the case. He met with my son the next day. Ultimately Mr. Ciulla got this case dismissed. I cannot say how many times during the process I said to my son and myself “Thank goodness we found Mr. Ciulla.” After that initial contact and until the court date, most of the interactions were with Mr. Ciulla’s legal assistant, Candice. We never met in person but Candice was a constant and exemplary guide and source of support for my son and for me throughout the entire process by phone, email, and text. Not only can I recommend Mr. Ciulla's legal expertise but I’ll be forever grateful for his and Candice's ability to connect with me and my son, instill calm and confidence, and help us move forward step by step. Thank you over and over again!  
Thank you for helping me get my life back on track! In March 2013 I was arrested for Felony burglary. Having worked with Sal on a prior DUI charge I came to him and asked what my options were. After going over the case facts with him, he built a case for me that has worked well in my favor. The charges were reduced to misdemeanor and although I was given a bit of jail time, Sal was able to work with the judge and DA to have the sentence reduced and the the time served with CWP. I did not serve an jail time and most importantly the charges are not felony and will (hopefully) not affect my future. I was not put on formal probation either. My past had caught up to me, and with Sal’s help, I’m able to clean up my past ways and live a normal life moving forward. Mr. Ciulla’s professionalism and legal prowess helped me put an end to the endless chain of mistakes I had made and become a responsible member of society. Thank you Sal for all your efforts.
3rd DUI, High BAC, and not ONE day in jail! I was facing a 3rd DUI, with a bac of .32, and my current "Newport Beach" attorney had told me the best I was going to get was 3 months in county jail, city jail, or a long, grueling program of DUI court which prevents you from starting your life for a year and a half. My previous lawyer made me feel uninformed, unsure, and uneasy about the whole process. I never knew what was going on, and was full of anxiety on a daily basis. She had me move into a sober living and put on a alcohol monitoring device, promising me it would help my outcome and prevent me from having to go to jail...in the end, it didnt. She told me jail was my only option. I was mentally preparing myself for jail up until a 3 weeks before I was to get sentanced. A good friend, witnessing all this, finally made me agree to go talk to her lawyer, Salvatore Ciulla. That was a decision that would change my life. My case had already been in court for a year, and Sal told me, time was of the essence. He told me what he would do, what my options were, and what he was pretty sure the outcome would be if he represented me. His silent confidence, matter of fact demeanor, and 25 years of experience in law, gave me a feeling of hope I had been looking for during the past year of this chaos I had caused myself. I went from barely being able to get a in touch with my prior lawyer or her assistants, to having his assistant, Candice, respond to any email within minutes to any question or concern I had. Sal never promised anything, but he didn't have to. He has a way he carries himself that you just know he knows what he is doing and is capable of. Because of Sal, I was able to continue doing the routine I had been, and get sentanced a year to the sober living I had been living at. Without one day in jail. Unheard of for a 3rd DUI and high BAC. If your contemplating a lawyer, I would not hesitate for a second in choosing Salvatore Ciulla. He saved me from years of agony and memories that I would have had to endure if I had to have gone to jail for that long. I am beyond grateful for him and everything he did.
Attempted Murder Case Dismissed! In May of 2011 I was arrested and charged with attempted murder stemming from an altercation with my estranged wife’s boyfriend after they had arrived at my home extremely intoxicated, belligerent and set on instigating a fight. They contacted the police and I was arrested. The charges that I was facing demanded solid representation, someone who was ready not only to take the case seriously and think outside the box, but also someone that would take a personal interest in me and my family. I interviewed two attorneys prior to meeting with Mr. Ciulla. The two attorney’s before Mr. Ciulla seemed more interested in making a business transaction happen (getting paid first and foremost) and moving on with their day. It didn’t seem like they believed in the case or in me or didn’t care to try to understand the situation. Mr. Ciulla was completely engaged during our consultation. He took detailed notes, immediately proposed a number of possible defense strategies and showed the personal interest I was looking for. He spent nearly an hour and a half trying to obtain a full understanding of the incident and the circumstances leading up to it. He essentially started working on my case without being retained, without the guarantee that I was going to retain him, and before being paid a retainer fee. My case ended in a full dismissal at trial. It was not an easy case by any means, but Sal was able to get the best possible result and this was only possible because of the intelligence, work ethic and commitment of Sal and his team. I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to hang in there if I had retained any other attorney. I would never recommend another attorney to anyone and have recommended Sal numerous times for much less serious accusations to friends and family. I am very grateful to have linked up with Mr. Ciulla and you will be as well.
Case Dismissed! Mr.Ciulla was recommended to me by my father's attorney/friend/neighbour to handle a case of domestic violence brought against me. From the initial consultation I felt comfortable with his assessment of the situation, and the plan of attack, or defense, depending how one looks at it. His knowledge of the legal areas, along with his constant reassuring helped me and my family through what was a most trying time in our lives. From the start he had always maintained that this was a case that never should have gone to trial, and he was right, for at the end the case was dismissed. There is no hesitation on my part to recommend this gentleman for your defense needs. The man speaks softly, but he carries a big stick!!
Rehana K.
Saved My Life Words cannot express how thankful I am for Salvatore Ciulla.  Three years and seven months ago was the time I was blind sided with an arrest and falsely accused of a heinous crime that would have altered my life forever.  To you that may be reading, this was not something petty, I was being accused of Rape.  When I had been taken into custody, the bail bondsman who heard my story, told me there was only one man to resolve this situation and that was Sal.  My family and I met with many attorneys regarding the matter and their consensus was to throw me to the wolves and hope for the best.  Enter Sal Ciulla.  I will never forget the day I met him. Sal is a very realistic, honest man and is heavily revered by his peers. I often noticed at my court appearances that other attorneys would greet him and knew very well who he is.  He is unmatched in his expertise of defense. Sal used his resources and his tremendous team through research and private investigations brought all the facts of my situation to light. He created a way for the court and the District Attorney to look at the person who I really am and see that this charge was something I would not ever conceive of doing.  He went beyond his protocol as a defense attorney to protect my future.  Keep in mind, having this type of offense not only carries a prison sentence but also would have required me to register as a sex offender. I was not going to be able to work or live or anywhere if convicted.  Sal was able to negotiate with the District Attorney a lesser charge that only required community service which to my knowledge is an unheard of outcome for any accusation of an offense that has a sexual nature.  No prison, no registration, Sal saved my life. If you are trying to find the right person to defend you and really knows the law, don't hesitate and contact his office right away. I thank God for Salvatore Ciulla.
Kevin H.
Sal Ciulla saved my life and got me a second chance at a first impression Many years ago when I got in some trouble, Sal was my state appointed attorney. He performed his job so well, that I did not go to prison. He consolidated my cases, (which never happens back then) and got me a second chance to change my life. Mind you I never paid him a cent. Today I have 18 years clean and sober, got a degree, work in the criminal justice field and counsel women in recovery back to self reliance. I can not say enough about this man's commitment to the job, and his heart. He has taken many referrals which I have sent, and one in particular he took pro bono (a $50k retainer, waived), a manslaughter case. Who does that??? Savatore Ciulla did and saved an under aged client from going to prison for a charge she did not commit. In my opinion, it doesn't get any better than that. When I wanted to get my felonies taken off my record, was the first time I pulled out my wallet. No amount of money in the world was enough to clear my record, however the charge was nominal. Sal went to court, and got my four felonies, not reduced to misdemeanors, but reversed my guilty plea, and expunged forever. I had never met Sal before the judge appointed him my counsel and I will forever be in his debt. For someone like me, who was not a criminal, but had a 25 year drug habit, I needed a miracle, and it came to me in Mr. Sal Ciulla. I faced a 7 year, and 4 month joint suspended sentence for 4 felonies with an enhancement, and today I serve the greater good by giving back to the community by God's grace and the tremendous job that Mr. Sal Ciulla did on my behalf. God Bless you Sal, you are my hero!


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