You Need Representation at Your DMV Hearing

by Sal Ciulla on February 2, 2014 · 0 comments

in DMV Hearings

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Orange County DMV HearingIf you have been arrested for drunk driving, the protection of your rights — and your version of what happened when you were stopped by police — is no do-it-yourself project. You need an experienced DUI lawyer on your side who knows the jurisdiction, knows who to negotiate with and above all, knows how to get results that can put this crisis behind you.

Too many things can go wrong during a DUI arrest. Law enforcement can mistake erratic driving for drunk driving due to a motorist’s pre-existing medical condition, such as an allergy; dangerous weather; hazardous roads; or a malfunction in your car, truck or SUV.

Your driving privileges, and your ability to get to your job and provide for your family, could hinge on the outcome of a DMV hearing. A skilled DUI defense lawyer can call to the court’s attention factors such as the strenuous field sobriety test and defects in a breathalyzer machine that could reflect a distorted blood-alcohol content reading.

Your California driver’s license is precious to you. It represents your freedom of movement in a highly mobile society. Suspension or revocation of these privileges could cause you to be totally dependent on public transportation and jeopardize your ability to get to your workplace.

In Santa Ana and Orange County, the experience, proven skills, dedication to your rights and tradition of personal service belongs to DUI defense attorney Sal Ciulla.

Nothing has changed with Sal Ciulla’s outlook on the practice of law since his law firm was established in 1986. His philosophy remains “Just win.’ At the Law Firm of Sal Ciulla, there is no such thing as a small case. Every case and every client is important. Whether your case involves a misdemeanor or a felony, a DUI or a homicide, you will be well represented.

Was your implied consent abused by police? Did you refuse a DUI breath test? Have you been charged with vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide because of a fatality accident that police feel was due to drunk driving?

Contact this dedicated legal professional today by calling 714-542-0500. If you send an email message, we will respond to it promptly.

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