CA Criminal Law Updates for 2024

CA Criminal Law Updates for 2024

The California state legislature has enacted two new laws in 2024 representing the state’s intensified efforts to address two critical issues – human trafficking and the opioid crisis. As a seasoned criminal defense attorney, Salvatore P. Ciulla is here to help you understand the specifics of these legal changes and the implications for those facing charges.

SB 14: A Stricter Stance on Sex Trafficking of Minors
California has taken a bold step to protect minors from the horrors of sex trafficking. SB 14, effective from the start of 2024, prescribes notably harsher penalties for people arrested and tried on charges of sex trafficking of minors. Under this new law, sex trafficking of children under 18 as a felony with severe consequences.

  • Harsher prison sentences: Conviction under SB 14 results in significantly longer prison sentences, reflecting the gravity of the crime and the state’s commitment to safeguarding vulnerable minors.
  • Inclusion in California’s “three-strikes” law: Perhaps most notably, convictions under this law now count as a strike under California’s “three-strikes” law. Those with previous serious or violent felony convictions could face a minimum of 25 years to life in prison if convicted under SB 14.

AB 701: Stiffer Penalties for Fentanyl
In response to the escalating fentanyl crisis, California has enacted AB 701, targeting people who distribute and sell large quantities of this potent synthetic opioid. Starting Jan. 1, 2024, AB 701 introduced severe penalties for those convicted of dealing one kilogram or more of fentanyl.

  • Stiffer penalties: The law mandates more severe penalties for those convicted, aiming to deter large-scale fentanyl distribution.
  • Sentencing enhancement: AB 701 includes provisions for sentencing enhancements for dealers, which could significantly increase jail time for anyone convicted under this statute.

Adjusting to the New Legal Landscape
The stakes have never been higher for those facing charges under these new laws. The implications of a conviction – from extended prison sentences to life-altering felony strikes – make experienced legal representation essential.

Attorney Sal Ciulla’s criminal defense expertise is indispensable if you need someone to take your case. With a robust understanding of California’s criminal law and a commitment to defending the accused, he and his team offer invaluable guidance and representation to those impacted by the 2024 legal updates. While his practice has attracted many high-profile cases, he primarily represents the rights of everyday, hardworking people. Schedule your free consultation with one of California’s top-rated attorneys today.


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