Legal Representation Is Everything

Legal Representation Is Everything

If the criminal arrest you are dealing with is your first, your heart is probably beating like a hummingbird’s. You are under a great amount of emotional stress, you fear the possibility of financial stress to come and naturally worry about the harsh consequences that can come of any felony conviction

A jail or prison term that separates you from loved ones and joins you with strangers who are also incarcerated; substantial fines that drain your bank accounts; ruin to your personal and professional reputation; and the beginning of a criminal record that was unthinkable years ago.

Wherever your initial consultation takes place, whatever the setting for your introduction to your defense attorney, this important first meeting should have a number of valuable goals — a candid exchange of information, including your side of the story before authorities arrested you, plus explanations of facts and options you should be aware of, and realistic assessments of your chances for having charges reduced or dismissed.

The consultation should give you hope — not false hope, not necessarily the words you want to hear, but a renewed trust in the law, and your lawyer’s talent for using it, that can give you true due process … your day in court.

You also need to know that your advocate has achieved results for clients just like you. When that advocate is Sal Ciulla, you gain strength from his motto: “Just win.”

In Santa Ana and surrounding areas in Orange County, and throughout California, the Law Office of Salvatore P. Cuilla has built a significant reputation for positive results during our founder’s more than 25 years of experience. Mr. Ciulla excels at every phase of “the game”: investigation of charges, negotiations with prosecutors and litigation against them in court if necessary. He is a former prosecutor who knows how the state builds a case and creates strategies. He also knows how to anticipate those tactics and counter them with his own, on your behalf.

Do yourself and your family a favor by contacting Sal Ciulla to arrange your all-important initial consultation. It could be your first step toward returning to a normal life. Call 714-542-0500 or send an email message.


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