The Truth About Cyber and Computer Crimes

The Truth About Cyber and Computer Crimes

Computers can make our lives better. They can also be nothing but trouble — especially when a “glitch,” defect or malfunction in a personal or business-owned computer implicates you in a serious crime. Whether the problem is operator error or a mistake within the machine, a computer can be used to
a computer can be used to commit a crime or to give the illusion that one has been committed. Law enforcement has been known to seize computers for investigation of alleged internet solicitation of a minor, a financial white collar crime and attempts to defraud other computer users.
IT experts and financial analysts are only two investigative resources that an experienced defense lawyer can deploy to examine a computer’s memory and determine how something intentionally or accidentally incriminating was performed.
If you have been arrested and charged with a serious computer crime related to a sex offense in a “chat room” or theft of someone else’s personal financial records, you need to act now to ensure that your rights are protected.

Former prosecutor Sal Ciulla in Santa Ana is a criminal defense attorney who puts his more than 25 years of experience, investigative skills, gifts for negotiation and reputation for results behind you when the routine use of a computer backfires, resulting in criminal charges.

At the Law Office of Salvatore P. Ciulla, our founder’s motto is “Just win.” He lives that credo by aggressively advocating for you from arraignment to outcome; working hard to help you avoid harsh punishments that come with conviction; anticipating prosecution strategies in court; and arming you with the facts and options you should be aware of.

For quality defense representation that is customized to your unique issues, and access to your lawyer’s expertise throughout the legal process, contact Sal Ciulla. to arrange your initial consultation. Call 714-542-0500 or send an email message.


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