What You Need To Know About Your DUI Arrest

What You Need To Know About Your DUI Arrest

Too many things can go wrong with law enforcement’s role in an arrest for drunk driving. There can be a number of fraudulent reasons for police to stop you for suspicion of DUI. Officers can mistake erratic driving for drunk driving when navigating a hazardous road or inclement weather make it appears as if you are intoxicated.
You could be struggling with a pre-existing medical condition, like an allergy, that causes police to pull you over. A malfunction with your car or truck could also leave officers with the wrong impression.

Then comes the strenuous field sobriety test maneuvers that many sober people are incapable of executing. Defective breathalyzers have been known to record distorted blood-alcohol content readings.

Before you know it, through no fault of your own, you have been arrested for DUI and subject to every punishment the state of California can hand out — including suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, the privilege you use to get to your job each day, to provide for your family.

If you feel that local or state police jumped to conclusions, setting off this negative chain of events, experienced Santa Ana DUI and criminal defense attorney Sal Ciulla protects your rights at DMV administrative hearings, in negotiations with prosecutors and at a trial if necessary.
Sal Ciulla has more than 25 years experience and a significant reputation for positive results with clients from all walks of life in Orange County and throughout the state. No wonder his philosophy during every case he handles is “Just win.”

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