White Collar Crimes What You Need To Know

White Collar Crimes What You Need To Know

Ambitious businesspersons join hardened, violent criminals in jails and prisons every day in California and nationwide. You need experienced criminal defense representation immediately if you fear you are being investigated for, or have been arrested on, a white collar crime charge of fraud, extortion, embezzlement, public corruption, a RICO violation, money laundering, a computer crime, bribery or forgery.
The Law Office of Salvatore P. Ciulla in Santa Ana brings more than 25 years of criminal law experience, proven legal skills and a tradition of personals service to your side when your liberties, livelihood and professional reputation are at stake in a California court.

Sal Ciulla listens carefully to your version of events and circumstances surrounding your arrest. He looks carefully for any sign that law enforcement overstepped its bounds in arresting you. If a grand jury investigation looms, our skilled lawyer excels at negotiating with prosecutors with the goal of avoiding a trial.

Sal Ciulla is well aware of the challenges you face — harsh penalties upon conviction such as years in prison, substantial fines that drain your finances, a criminal record as a felon, separation from loved ones, damage to your public profile and strict probation conditions upon your return to society. Our experienced attorney uses every weapon in his arsenal to spare you from these life-changing punishments and return your life to normal.
Were you ”set up” by a business partner in financial difficulty? Has someone you trusted betrayed that trust by pinning a financial crime on you?

Sal Ciulla can get to the facts — the truth that can set you free. Ensure that your interests are safeguarded by calling 714-542-0500. or sending an email message. Our law firm can arrange a meeting with you at our law office, your home, a police station or jail.


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