Saved my son, a Freshman in his first month attending a University, from a felony conviction!

During his first month away at college, my freshman son was arrested in his dorm room for felony possession of a controlled substance. I live 400 miles away and was at a loss to know what the next steps should be. Through a local attorney who had a colleague in Southern California, Mr. Sal Ciulla came highly recommended. Feeling as if I was in the middle of a nightmare, I contacted Mr. Ciulla and he returned my call almost immediately, listened carefully, was understanding, informed, empathic, thoughtful, and let me know he had some good ideas on who to handle the case. He met with my son the next day. Ultimately Mr. Ciulla got this case dismissed. I cannot say how many times during the process I said to my son and myself “Thank goodness we found Mr. Ciulla.” After that initial contact and until the court date, most of the interactions were with Mr. Ciulla’s legal assistant, Candice. We never met in person but Candice was a constant and exemplary guide and source of support for my son and for me throughout the entire process by phone, email, and text. Not only can I recommend Mr. Ciulla’s legal expertise but I’ll be forever grateful for his and Candice’s ability to connect with me and my son, instill calm and confidence, and help us move forward step by step. Thank you over and over again!