Attempted Murder Case Dismissed!

In May of 2011 I was arrested and charged with attempted murder stemming from an altercation with my estranged wife’s boyfriend after they had arrived at my home extremely intoxicated, belligerent and set on instigating a fight. They contacted the police and I was arrested.

The charges that I was facing demanded solid representation, someone who was ready not only to take the case seriously and think outside the box, but also someone that would take a personal interest in me and my family. I interviewed two attorneys prior to meeting with Mr. Ciulla. The two attorney’s before Mr. Ciulla seemed more interested in making a business transaction happen (getting paid first and foremost) and moving on with their day. It didn’t seem like they believed in the case or in me or didn’t care to try to understand the situation. Mr. Ciulla was completely engaged during our consultation. He took detailed notes, immediately proposed a number of possible defense strategies and showed the personal interest I was looking for. He spent nearly an hour and a half trying to obtain a full understanding of the incident and the circumstances leading up to it. He essentially started working on my case without being retained, without the guarantee that I was going to retain him, and before being paid a retainer fee.

My case ended in a full dismissal at trial. It was not an easy case by any means, but Sal was able to get the best possible result and this was only possible because of the intelligence, work ethic and commitment of Sal and his team. I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to hang in there if I had retained any other attorney. I would never recommend another attorney to anyone and have recommended Sal numerous times for much less serious accusations to friends and family. I am very grateful to have linked up with Mr. Ciulla and you will be as well.