Thank you for helping me get my life back on track!

In March 2013 I was arrested for Felony burglary. Having worked with Sal on a prior DUI charge I came to him and asked what my options were. After going over the case facts with him, he built a case for me that has worked well in my favor. The charges were reduced to misdemeanor and although I was given a bit of jail time, Sal was able to work with the judge and DA to have the sentence reduced and the the time served with CWP. I did not serve an jail time and most importantly the charges are not felony and will (hopefully) not affect my future. I was not put on formal probation either. My past had caught up to me, and with Sal’s help, I’m able to clean up my past ways and live a normal life moving forward. Mr. Ciulla’s professionalism and legal prowess helped me put an end to the endless chain of mistakes I had made and become a responsible member of society.

Thank you Sal for all your efforts.