Kevin H.

Saved My Life

Words cannot express how thankful I am for Salvatore Ciulla.  Three years and seven months ago was the time I was blind sided with an arrest and falsely accused of a heinous crime that would have altered my life forever.  To you that may be reading, this was not something petty, I was being accused of Rape.  When I had been taken into custody, the bail bondsman who heard my story, told me there was only one man to resolve this situation and that was Sal.  My family and I met with many attorneys regarding the matter and their consensus was to throw me to the wolves and hope for the best.  Enter Sal Ciulla.  I will never forget the day I met him.

Sal is a very realistic, honest man and is heavily revered by his peers. I often noticed at my court appearances that other attorneys would greet him and knew very well who he is.  He is unmatched in his expertise of defense. Sal used his resources and his tremendous team through research and private investigations brought all the facts of my situation to light. He created a way for the court and the District Attorney to look at the person who I really am and see that this charge was something I would not ever conceive of doing.  He went beyond his protocol as a defense attorney to protect my future.  Keep in mind, having this type of offense not only carries a prison sentence but also would have required me to register as a sex offender. I was not going to be able to work or live or anywhere if convicted.  Sal was able to negotiate with the District Attorney a lesser charge that only required community service which to my knowledge is an unheard of outcome for any accusation of an offense that has a sexual nature.  No prison, no registration, Sal saved my life.

If you are trying to find the right person to defend you and really knows the law, don’t hesitate and contact his office right away. I thank God for Salvatore Ciulla.