Sal Ciulla saved my life and got me a second chance at a first impression

Many years ago when I got in some trouble, Sal was my state appointed attorney. He performed his job so well, that I did not go to prison. He consolidated my cases, (which never happens back then) and got me a second chance to change my life. Mind you I never paid him a cent. Today I have 18 years clean and sober, got a degree, work in the criminal justice field and counsel women in recovery back to self reliance. I can not say enough about this man’s commitment to the job, and his heart. He has taken many referrals which I have sent, and one in particular he took pro bono (a $50k retainer, waived), a manslaughter case. Who does that??? Savatore Ciulla did and saved an under aged client from going to prison for a charge she did not commit. In my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than that. When I wanted to get my felonies taken off my record, was the first time I pulled out my wallet. No amount of money in the world was enough to clear my record, however the charge was nominal. Sal went to court, and got my four felonies, not reduced to misdemeanors, but reversed my guilty plea, and expunged forever. I had never met Sal before the judge appointed him my counsel and I will forever be in his debt. For someone like me, who was not a criminal, but had a 25 year drug habit, I needed a miracle, and it came to me in Mr. Sal Ciulla. I faced a 7 year, and 4 month joint suspended sentence for 4 felonies with an enhancement, and today I serve the greater good by giving back to the community by God’s grace and the tremendous job that Mr. Sal Ciulla did on my behalf. God Bless you Sal, you are my hero!