3rd DUI, High BAC, and not ONE day in jail!

I was facing a 3rd DUI, with a bac of .32, and my current “Newport Beach” attorney had told me the best I was going to get was 3 months in county jail, city jail, or a long, grueling program of DUI court which prevents you from starting your life for a year and a half. My previous lawyer made me feel uninformed, unsure, and uneasy about the whole process. I never knew what was going on, and was full of anxiety on a daily basis. She had me move into a sober living and put on a alcohol monitoring device, promising me it would help my outcome and prevent me from having to go to jail…in the end, it didnt. She told me jail was my only option. I was mentally preparing myself for jail up until a 3 weeks before I was to get sentanced. A good friend, witnessing all this, finally made me agree to go talk to her lawyer, Salvatore Ciulla. That was a decision that would change my life. My case had already been in court for a year, and Sal told me, time was of the essence. He told me what he would do, what my options were, and what he was pretty sure the outcome would be if he represented me. His silent confidence, matter of fact demeanor, and 25 years of experience in law, gave me a feeling of hope I had been looking for during the past year of this chaos I had caused myself. I went from barely being able to get a in touch with my prior lawyer or her assistants, to having his assistant, Candice, respond to any email within minutes to any question or concern I had. Sal never promised anything, but he didn’t have to. He has a way he carries himself that you just know he knows what he is doing and is capable of. Because of Sal, I was able to continue doing the routine I had been, and get sentanced a year to the sober living I had been living at. Without one day in jail. Unheard of for a 3rd DUI and high BAC. If your contemplating a lawyer, I would not hesitate for a second in choosing Salvatore Ciulla. He saved me from years of agony and memories that I would have had to endure if I had to have gone to jail for that long. I am beyond grateful for him and everything he did.