Steve E.

I am someone who had never been in trouble with the law. I never needed an attorney for anything. One evening I made a terrible decision and found myself facing a felony DUI. At first I went to the internet to find a “DUI” lawyer. However, as it became more apparent that I was facing serious charges, I realized I needed a special lawyer. Someone who could work with the D.A. and negotiate on my behalf.
I asked a friend who has much business experience and knows many lawyers if he could help me find such a lawyer. He found the law firm that the other lawyers look to as the best for such matters. I was lucky to have found Salvaore Cuilla and Ronald Brower. Together with their paralegal Ellie Pulliam, I was represented by the best law firm in Orange County. They reassured me that I was their top priority and they never let me down. I was in constant contact every step of the way.
Mr. Ciulla and Mr. Brower were able to work with the D.A. and have the charges reduced so that I did not have a felony on my record and I was able to avoid jail time. I cannot overstate how this saved my life. I will be forever grateful to these fine attorneys. I highly recommend them.

Thank you Salvatore, Ron and Ellie. I am taking my new lease on life very seriously. I am happily in AA and can again look forward to a happy productive life.