Know Your Rights After a Drug Arrest!

Know Your Rights After a Drug Arrest!

Did your arrest for a drug crime violate your rights? You may have never heard of the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but it can be an important factor in preserving your freedoms and future after an arrest on a serious drug charge in California
If your home or motor vehicle were searched without a warrant, or if you were coerced into making statements without the presence of a lawyer, or coerced into a confession, you may be eligible for a reduction or dismissal of your charges before your case even comes to trial.

Drugs could have been planted on your person, in your residence or in your car or truck. Even if law enforcement invaded your apartment on the strength of a warrant, that warrant must have what’s called particularity — targeting a specific item, controlled substance or drug paraphernalia. Authorities are also forbidden to “overseize,” meaning they cannot take more than what they are looking for.

There are so many ways that a drug crime arrest can go wrong from a police procedure standpoint — and all of them can work in your favor.

Were you the victim of illegal search and seizure? Were you subject to asset forfeiture — police seizing possessions that are rightfully yours in the course of their investigation?

You may have only one chance to pursue your defense correctly the first time, so you can avoid conviction and harsh punishments such as a lengthy prison term, heavy fines, a criminal record and damage to reputation, housing prospects and employment opportunities. Take that chance and run with it by contacting the Law Office of Salvatore P. Ciulla in Santa Ana, where our motto is “Just win.”

Act now to protect your rights. Prosecutors could be building a case against you even as you read this. Call today to arrange your initial consultation. 714-542-0500. Or send an email message.


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