Repercussions of a DUI Conviction

Repercussions of a DUI Conviction

Your post-DUI experience in Southern California could include a hearing before a judge — and if you are convicted, or if this not your first drunk driving stop — a heavy fine, jail time or probation, damage to your driving privileges and reputation, and increased insuran
Another important repercussion, due to the importance of background checks used by landlords and employers, you could encounter discouraging difficulties with obtaining housing and a job.

During your probation period, you will feel as if your every move is being monitored. Your job interviews can end before they begin when an employer gets wind of your DUI conviction. A landlord, landlady or mortgage banker or landlord may look askance at your background.  

You may think you can blend in, hide in plain sight, go about your normal routine as the proverbial needles in a haystack. You may think you can drive without a license and get lost among the motorists on California’s teeming super-highways. You may think no one in authority will be privy to your use of alcohol or your personal computer — practices that many of us take for granted.

And you would be wrong. Violating terms of a probation are not worth the risk of going to jail or returning there. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to walk the straight and narrow, abide by all conditions of your probation and go about your return to society the right way the first time.

Having said that, if you have been falsely accused of failing to acknowledge the ramifications of a DUI conviction, you should not hesitate to retain DUI defense counsel who knows how to speak to judges and parole boards, who knows how to negotiate with prosecutors, and knows how to safeguard your interests, start to finish.

The Law Office of Salvatore P. Ciulla in Santa Ana brings more than 25 years of DUI and criminal law experience, proven legal skills and a tradition of personal service to your side when your rights and reputation are at risk.

Sal Ciulla excels at investigating circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest. He is well aware of the challenges you face. He explores every avenue that could spare you from exposure to additional punishments and return your life to normal.

Contact Mr. Ciulla today by calling 714-542-0500 or sending an email message. Our law firm can arrange a meeting with you at our law office, your home, a police station or jail.


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