Having a criminal conviction on your record can have an adverse effect on your life for years to come, even after you have served your jail sentence, paid the requisite fines and successfully completed probation. A criminal conviction can not only affect your ability to pursue higher education, it can also restrict your civil rights, … Read more

Writ of Habeas Corpus

Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus A Writ of Habeas Corpus is a formal legal document which orders a detained person to be brought before the court to decide the legality of their incarceration. In these cases, you are able to challenge the legal basis for your detention, the duration of your imprisonment, and … Read more

Probation Termination

How to Terminate Your Probation Early If you have exhibited good conduct and reform, a California court may terminate your probation early. Upon termination, you will be discharged of the obligations and restrictions imposed by the terms of your probation. In order to be a good candidate for probation termination, you will need to convincingly … Read more