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What Happens at an Arraignment?

If you have recently been charged with a crime, you should understand the criminal justice process to mentally prepare for the road ahead ahead. The

CA Criminal Law Updates for 2024

The California state legislature has enacted two new laws in 2024 representing the state’s intensified efforts to address two critical issues – human trafficking and

Avoiding a DUI This Holiday Season

Many holiday celebrations include alcohol, leading to a significant increase in DUI cases and auto accidents caused by impaired drivers. Attorney Sal Ciulla is familiar

Magistrate Hearing Definition

The complexities of our criminal justice system can seem overwhelming to those who find themselves unexpectedly caught in its grasp. With any legal procedure, having

Can Your Conviction Be Expunged?

You may be curious about what crimes can be expunged if you live in Orange County—specifically, if you reside in Santa Ana, California. Learn how