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What Is a Grand Jury?

Even if you’ve never gotten called for jury duty, you are probably somewhat familiar with what juries do from watching movies like 12 Angry Men.

Accused of Sexual Assault in Orange County

High-profile sexual assault allegations have derailed the careers of many well-known celebrities and politicians, so if you stand accused of sexual assault, you should already

California Battery Laws

California Penal Code 242 defines the crime of battery as any deliberate, illegal use of force or violence toward someone else. According to California PC

What Is a Bench Warrant?

California Penal Code 978.5 defines the conditions in which a judge may issue a bench warrant. Most often, this happens when a defendant violates court

Sexual Harassment Laws

As more people return to in-person work environments, laws specifically pertaining to employees’ right to be safe and comfortable in the workplace are increasingly relevant.

Types of Homicide

When you stand accused of causing another person’s death in California, you will face homicide charges. However, not all homicide cases are alike, so it’s