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Anaheim Leaves Dispensaries in the Dark

The City of Anaheim banned all dispensaries from operating within city limits in 2011, but some medical marijuana businesses remain operating illegally. Now, the city is doing something about it. Nine dispensaries closed up shop in September of this year, and eight more closed last week. What is the city’s secret to finally getting

Teen Arrests, Dropout and Overdose Rates Fell After Legalization

One of the most common reasons community leaders cite for harsh zoning laws that restrict growing or cooperative business is the idea that kids will get their hands on medical marijuana if it’s too easily accessible. In reality, the numbers have shown that medical marijuana patients are mostly older individuals with a serious medical

Anaheim May Start Naming Convicted Johns

The Anaheim City Council will be voting on a measure to publish the names of convicted johns and distribute them to local media outlets. Anaheim will be following the lead of Orange County, which already distributes the lists of names of men who have been convicted of soliciting sex. The names are given to

Transient Attacks Orange County Real Estate Agent

The Orange County Sherriff’s department says a transient brutally attacked a real estate agent in Laguna Nigel. The attack happened as the 55-year-old was accessing a lock box on a home for sale. The man put the real estate agent in a chokehold and punched her until she was knocked unconscious. The suspect fled,

FBI Reclassifies Crimes of Animal Cruelty

The FBI has announced plans to reclassify animal cruelty in order to make it easier to track those who engage in violence against animals as young people. Previously, animal abuse charges were filed under “other” along with many other, lesser crimes, making animal abusers difficult to track and count. The FBI hopes the reclassification

Women Acted as Housekeepers to Steal Jewelry, Cash

Orange County detectives say two women have been arrested who were posing as housekeepers in order to steal jewelry and cash from homes. Police say Sandra and Marie Rojas, two women related by marriage, would follow actual housekeepers from home to home in Orange County and enter after they left. If no one was

Orange County Looks to Grant to Reduce Recidivism

Orange County is under pressure to reduce the number of inmates in its prisons. That’s motivating lawmakers to look at a new grant that would help reduce the number of inmates who commit crimes after spending time behind bars. The grant would distribute $500,000 to local non-government groups for the program. It targets juvenile

How do I find a reputable dispensary?

The state of California made medical marijuana legal in 1996, but the framework for regulating marijuana production, labeling and quality control has lagged sorely behind. Only now is the Senate working on a bill to standardize growing and processing, and while Senate Bill 1262 is making its way through the amendment process, the State provides

What You Need to Know About Driving While High

Much has been made of the similarities and differences between alcohol, a legal drug, and marijuana, legal in just a few states but still illegal under federal law. While advocates compare addiction and safety numbers, detractors talk gateways and health issues. No matter which side of the issue you’re on, even in states where

Pot Farms Draining Northern California Creeks

Two University of Washington students created an app that will enable you to have medical marijuana delivered to your door. Canary, the creators say, is like Uber for marijuana. Uber is a cab service that enables users to find a cab near them and order a ride by bidding. The app will connect dispensaries